By DeWayne Hamby

The popular series “The Chosen,” created, co-written, and directed by Dallas Jenkins, returns this month with a theatrical event including the first two episodes. While Season 2 saw Jesus gather His followers, it’s said that the new episodes raise the stakes as the disciples are sent out to do ministry.

Breakout character Mary Magdalene, who had a crisis of faith in Season 2, will deal with shame as she goes forward, according to Liz Tabish, who portrays her.

“Tamar kind of helps her realize that she’s still holding on to shame,” she said. “And in order to step into the next stage, you have to let it go. You have to let your past fully go. Even if you are not living there, if you are in your head, you still kind of are. So, I think there’s a full release in order for her to become the helper in the way that others were there for her.”

Tabish also has a “really pivotal moment with Tamar” in the new season. Also known as “The Egyptian Woman” who brought her paralytic friend to be healed, Tamar’s role has continued past her original commitment. Amber Shana Williams, who plays Tamar, recalled happily returning for Season 2 and then realizing with Season 3, she’s now part of “the squad.”

“She has gone on quite the journey,” Williams said. “Why would anyone fight that hard for the healing of their friend and then be so connected to that divine existence? She dropped everything to follow Him. We’re going to find out why. We’re going to go into her backstory a little bit.”

Another backstory being further explored is Eden, Simon Peter’s wife, a character not developed in the gospels. With her house becoming more of the meeting place for Jesus and His followers, she’ll be a lot more visible and will have “more of an impact,” according to Lara Silver, the actress who portrays her.

“I think we will see Eden’s struggles with some loneliness, some doubt, some insecurities, the things we deal with as human beings,” she said. “It’s not always wonderful and great. Following Jesus is not easy, but I also think that we’ll see a beautiful storyline and some struggles with their marriage as well.”

As the characters face internal challenges, a more physical threat continues to brew in the form of the Roman authorities and the show’s villain, Quintus, played by Brandon Potter. Although so far, he’s “been able to exercise his will virtually unimpeded” by the other Romans or the politics of Capernaum, pressure begins to mount.

“There’s something in the way and I think that will change Quintus,” Potter speculated. “He’s going to have to push harder or find another way. As he has to push harder against these communities, either the other Romans or the Jews or the Pharisees, how does he push against it? Is it with violence? Is it with political skullduggery? It’s been hinted that Quintus is a violent man. I think that is always an option for him. But there are certain factions in the Roman government that are not interested in those kinds of solutions. So, I think he’ll have some pushback even from his own government.”

Over the course of its first two seasons, “The Chosen,” an Angel Studios original produced by Loaves and Fishes, has garnered praise from fans and critics alike for its historical and biblical accuracy, playful spirit, stirring drama, genuine humor and disruptive impact. It has been translated into 62 languages (and counting) and is consistently one of the top-searched shows on streaming platforms. The Season 3 trailer premiered last Monday and was the No. 1 trending item on YouTube for two days.

Season 3 of “The Chosen” will premiere its first two episodes as a Fathom Events theatrical run beginning Nov. 18. You can get ticket here.