Theatrical Release: May 13, 2005


This is the story of Danny (Li), a slave who has lived his whole life without any sort of normal human education, with the mind and personality of a young child, with only one lesson learned: how to fight. Treated like a dog by his owner/boss, Bart (Hoskins) which includes having to wear a collar, Danny has been raised to be a lethal fighting machine who fights in illegal gladiator-style fight clubs, where he earns lots of money for Bart as the undisputed champion. After a car accident that lands Bart in a coma, however, Danny meets a kind elderly blind piano tuner (Freeman) on the run because he knows secrets some bad guys don’t want known, who uses music to teach Danny some things about the world and about being human.

Dove Review

This is by far the worst film that Jet Li has appeared in. The story moves along terribly slow, and the action sequences lack energy. I had hoped to see some good martial arts from Li like those depicted in his films “The One” and “Kiss of the Dragon,” but these scenes were derisory. The film did not transition very well between his life as a dog and his life with his new family. It seemed like in one scene he would be an uncivilized killing machine and then five minutes later he would be a soft family man. This movie was extremely disappointing.

As expected, there was plenty of violence in this film, especially since Li’s character was a hardcore killer. Also, it should be no surprise that there was a good amount of vulgar language in a movie such as this. Also, for whatever reason, it was necessary for this film to include several scenes with sexual content that had no bearing on the story at all. Unleash your right to free will and avoid this flick.

Content Description

Sex: Man talks about getting a hard-on and a chubby. Two scenes where man begins to undress prostitute. Man talks about Li’s mother being a prostitute, referring to her as a whore several times. Man saying he screwed a woman everyday.
Language: 22 F, 9 S, 4 J, 3 A, 3 B, 2 H, Christ sake, God’s sake, 6 bastards, 2 whores, piss
Violence: Many people beat up and killed. Bones heard breaking, men beaten to death. Men shot in car. Woman shot in head, blood shown. Many bloody wounds shown
Drugs: Man smoking a cigarette.
Nudity: Woman’s low cut shirt gets pulled down, revealing her breasts twice, woman in shower shown through clear shower curtain waist up.
Occult: None


Company: Focus Features
Writer: Luc Besson
Director: Louis Leterrier
Genre: Action
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Bradley B. Klinge