Pray Series

DVD Release: September 4, 2012
Pray Series


You can run or you can hide, but most importantly, you can pray!

Full of heart-pounding suspense, the complete Pray trilogy is a white-knuckle roller coaster ride that provides the perfect uplifting alternative to the typical secular horror movie from Hollywood. Will the faith and heroism of the intended victims triumph over evil and darkness? In each faith-friendly thriller from Cross Shadow Productions, you’ll experience shocking miracles accomplished through the power of prayer and be reminded that when difficult or traumatic situations arise, God always hears your cries for help.

“In Pray”: a high school girl’s faith is put to the test when she’s trapped alone inside the mall. Next, the mysterious villain returns in “Pray 2”: The Woods to strike fear into the hearts of his targets once again. Then, a mother’s worst nightmare comes true when a raging storm and a masked villain threaten the children of Laurie Curtis and the babysitters in “Pray 3D”: The Storm, which comes with 3D glasses, as well as a 2D version and a 3D TV option. Each DVD is also available separately.

Dove Review

This terrific set features three of the “Pray” movies: “Pray” which is the first one, “Pray 2” and finally “Pray 3D”.

In the first one the foundation of the series is laid. As a Christian “thriller” type film, this movie would serve as a great film for junior high/high school youth groups. The movie has normal teenage themes while keeping up with the thriller aspect throughout the entire film. This is not recommended to younger children due to the “scary” feel of the movie and its slant toward teens. In the beginning of the film, it indicates that the movie itself is based on actual events, so this could be used as an educational movie to show teens the importance of praying; and that sometimes, God will be the only one you have to talk to, and God wants you to ask Him for help.

Next we have “Pray 2”. This is a story of suspense in which a young woman who is both wife and mother is kidnapped from her home and kept in a tiny barn. She manages to escape and goes on TV to share her Christian testimony about how God protected her and brought her out of the ordeal. Soon, she is being pursued once again and when her dog is attacked at home, a clue is left regarding the mystery. The story concludes with a twist at the end.

Although there are a few frightening moments in the story, there is also a great scene in which a pastor ministers to a young man at a campfire about his concern for his spiritual life. The story has some nice moments and is a mystery which will have the viewer cheering for Laurie Curtis, the young woman who is kidnapped. It also illustrates a great spiritual truth by film’s end.

In “Pray 3D” the suspense thickens. For those who love suspense stories, this is the one for you. In “Pray 3” a storm isolates the Curtis’ family home and as Mom and Dad are out and a babysitter watches the children, a man in a mask watches the people in the home and then makes plans to capture them.

In one nice scene which takes place during a storm a woman shares with a frightened child that she always read her favorite Bible verse as a child when she was scared. This series will keep the viewer on the edge of his/her seat. We are pleased to award it our Dove Seal for ages twelve and above. This series might encourage you to…well, pray!

Content Description

Sex: Teen girl kisses her boyfriend on cheek.
Language: None although a girl calls her boyfriend a "jerk."
Violence: Teenage girl elbows a guy after he sneaks up on her; girl hits her attacker in the face to get away; a woman is kidnapped and placed in a wooden box; a woman flees from man; a man pursues her again later; a dog is attacked as is a man; FBI agent and police officer have words.
Drugs:A character attempts to poison a dog.
Nudity:Mild cleavage.
Other: Abduction; teenage themes: dieting, relationships; a lady screams as she wakes up from a dream; a jump scene with a boy's face in the window; people watch scary movies; a man hides in shadows; a girl notices the power is out in the home but not in the neighborhood; girl pushes down man in mask; jump scene involving a cat; man grabs girl in car and she hits him; man watches girl from shower.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: Matt Mitchell
Genre: Suspense
Runtime: 222 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter