Love Covers All

DVD Release: October 7, 2014
Love Covers All


On the eve of his baby’s due date, Michael, a new father to be, gets stranded out of state with his wife in labor back home! In a panic with the birth drawing near, Michael seeks help from an old gas station owner named Bob, a mysterious man with a past who puts Michael’s faith to the test in a way he’ll never forget. Filled with drama and relateable characters, LOVE COVERS ALL will challenge and inspire viewers young and old to let go of what’s behind and move forward to what’s ahead. It’s never too late for a fresh start!

Dove Review

“Love Covers All” is a faith-friendly movie that challenges Christians and non-Christians alike. Michael is facing the tests that most can relate to: losing a job, a new baby on the way, car problems and forgiving others. On the journey home to his wife and about-to-be-born child, he must come to terms with his faith in events brought about by an unlikely gentleman in the middle of nowhere who has his own challenges.

Sometimes we forget that God is there for us in every situation, and that he can work miracles when we need them. This movie is a heartwarming tale of things that should be important in life no matter what events arise.

“Love Covers All” is awarded the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: Husband kisses wife on forhead.
Language: none
Violence: Boys take man's money and leave without him.
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: Man is fired from job; woman having a baby; forgiving others.


Company: Praise Pictures
Director: Kyle Prohaska
Producer: Kyle Prohaska
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 80 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe