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Where Hope Grows

Calvin Campbell is a former professional baseball player sent to an early retirement due to his panic attacks at the plate. Even though he had all the talent for the big leagues, he struggles with the curveballs life has thrown him. Today, he mindlessly sleepwalks through his days and the challenge of raising his teenage daughter. His life is in a slow downward spiral when it is suddenly awakened and invigorated by the most unlikely person – Produce, a young-man with Down syndrome who works at the local grocery store.

Calvin slowly loses the chip on his shoulder as he begins to experience the world through Produce’s eyes. Faith, work, purpose and most importantly family, blossom into Calvin’s life as their friendship develops. The unlikely pair becomes intertwined giving Calvin’s life new meaning and purpose, but unfortunately leads to tragedy due to single decision echoed from Calvin’s past.

"Where Hope Grows" is a story of finding redemption through faith, hope and love.
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“Where Hope Grows” shows that sometimes the people who influence our lives the most are the ones we would least suspect. In this case Calvin Campbell (Kristopher Polaha) is a former Detroit Tiger who never measured up to his promise because he let fear get to him and he froze at the plate. Now he has a drinking problem and is not spending enough time with his 17-year-old daughter Katie (McKaley Miller). But one positive thing in his life is a young man called “Produce,” because he works in the produce department at the local market. Produce has Down syndrome but doesn’t let it hinder his life.

Produce (David DeSanctis) is always cheery, hard working, and seeks to give hugs to those who really need it. Calvin notices this special attitude and begins to hang out a bit with Produce. He teaches him how to bat and Produce begins to teach Calvin about being a better person. One night he forgets his Bible at Calvin’s home and when he returns to get it he invites Calvin to church. Calvin doesn’t accept right away, but Produce eventually gets Calvin and Katie to go to church with him. Despite Produce’s influence, it takes Calvin admitting he has a drinking problem before he begins to finally lick his problem. When a tragic event occurs, it will take his perseverance and faith in God to hold on to his new-found sobriety.

This movie features strong performances from Kristopher Polaha and David DeSantis. Billy Zabka also plays a key role as Calvin’s friend Milton and does a super job. Themes of sacrifice, perseverance, and love are all featured in this inspiring movie. We are pleased to award it our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. “Where Hope Grows” shows that when hope grows, miracles often follow.

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Man punches another man; young man is hit with a fire extinguisher; man is hit with a car and the driver wrecks the car.


Young man pressures girlfriend to have sex with him; kissing; in one scene a young man tries to force a girl to have sex with him but he is knocked out by someone with a fire extinguisher; man sees his wife kiss another man, but she is sorry for it.


G-1; H-1; D-1; Crap-1; Loser-1; Pr*ck-1; BS (letters only)-1; Freaking-1; Freaking Hypocrite-1; the word "retard" is used a few times and man tells others not to use it.


Man punches another man; young man is hit with a fire extinguisher; man is hit with a car and the driver wrecks the car.


Beer and drinking of other alcohol in several scenes including a few bar scenes; man gets drunk; man drinks and drives and hits someone while driving; several people are shown at an AA meeting; vodka and strong drinks are seen in man's cupboard.


Cleavage in a few scenes.


Tension and arguments between father and daughter; daughter calls dad a "freaking hypocrite" but they later make up; the word "retard" is used several times about a young man; man smashes alcohol bottles when he is tempted to drink; death and grief.

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