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The Intern

Seventy-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.
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“The Intern” features two really solid performances from Anne Hathaway, as Jules Ostin, and Robert De Niro, as her senior citizen intern, Ben Whittaker. Jules is the founder of an online fashion website, and she works a lot of hours. In fact, she barely sees her stay-at-home husband, Matt, who is father to their young daughter. Ben is a widower and wants to feel useful, and when Jules hires him, she doesn’t have anything for him to do at first. However, he helps others in the office, becomes popular, and she finally engages his help. She soon learns that he is a keen observer of people, and he begins to look out for her, even telling her driver to take a hike for the day when he sees him drinking before he is about to drive Jules in his car.

Jules is concerned about Ben’s insights and has him transferred to help another person, but then immediately realizes she made a mistake. She apologizes to him and gets him back, which is good. She faces a crisis, with which only the calm, experienced and caring Ben can help her. The comedic moments include a funny scene in which someone asks Ben, upon learning he graduated from college in 1965, if he could remember what his major was.

The film is witty and tells a good story, one that positively states an older person can bring experience and assurance to a situation at work, or elsewhere. Ben even gets the guys, laid-back dressers, to start wearing ties to the office! He also has a handkerchief available whenever it is needed for a woman’s tears, or any other need. Unfortunately, due to a strong expletive, the film falls short of receiving our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. Regrettably, it came close.

Dove Rating Details




Car almost crashes into a few objects, including another car.


Kissing between a husband and wife; husband and wife almost get romantic in bed, but the husband is too tired; husband cheats on wife but realizes his mistake and begs her forgiveness; woman massages man's shoulders, and the viewer can see an erection through his pants, which is jokingly covered up with a newspaper; a young man regrets sleeping with his girlfriend's roommate and is trying to find a way to win his girlfriend back; a woman is seen at a man's place before work, but no sex was shown.


F-1; G/OMG-25; A-4; Butts-1; Bi*tch (seen on phone)-2; SOB-1; "Sc*ew you"-1; Frickin-1


Car almost crashes into a few objects, including another car.


Drinking in several scenes, including wine and beer; a character gets drunk and then gets sick; a chauffeur drinks before driving the supervisor, but the main character prevents him from driving her; a beer comment; a comment that sitting is the new smoking; the mention of vodka.




The use of a lady's middle finger; tension between characters; in a scene played for laughs, a man and other employees break into the boss's mother's home to remove a message her daughter (the boss) accidentally sent to her.

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