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Bad Girl

Summer temptation distances a father and his daughter. After heart-to-heart talks and relocating, together they discover the value of family and love for the betterment of one another.
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“Bad Girl” shows how a girl, who is headed down the wrong path, can return to the straight-and-godly path. Ruth Quinn Robinson (Ajiona Alexus) likes a young man named Roman Kraft (Seth Dousman), but he’s bad news. Roman is into partying and has one thing in mind when it comes to Ruth. Ruth’s father, Pastor Charles (Darrin Henson), is doing his best to keep his daughter from wandering from her faith in God. Pastor Charles is also dealing with his wife, Melinda (Chrystee Pharris), for she is sensual and doesn’t understand her husband’s devotion to Scripture and righteous living. Pastor Charles convinces Ruth to be a camp counselor during the summer, but when Ruth’s friend sneaks in a cell phone, the temptation to keep in touch with Roman is great. Will it lead to her ruin, or will a young Christian man named Jessie (Brendon Hudson) be able to help her and win her heart?

The movie features a few comedic moments, including a scene in which, after watching a movie from the ’60s, a kid says, “I’d like to watch something that was made after Jesus died and rose again.” The film features some good performances and the main story about taking a U-turn to return to the right path, something anyone can do at any time. Due to sexual comments and themes, as well as underage drinking, we are presenting this movie our “18+” Seal, meaning it has a faith-based theme but contains some potentially objectionable material.

Dove Rating Details


Themes of redirecting one's life towards Jesus


A guy shoves another guy.


Kissing in several scenes; comments about a girl "giving it to him," regarding a certain young man, and that a lot of girls would love to "give it to him"; a virginity comment; a young man is kissing a girl, lying on a bed, but he is drunk and stops when he vomits; comments about having sex; a pastor's former girlfriend from years past shows up and tries to win him back from his wife; an innuendo that "it might hurt the first time"; a young girl at a church camp talent show does a sexy dance, trying to be funny; a comment about Delilah's seduction.


OMG-1; Oh Lord-1; Sucks-1; Fool-1; an "I'd probably pee my pants" comment; a comment about "Bible babies gone wild"; a woman is called "Mary Magdalene," presumably referring to her carnal past.


A guy shoves another guy.


Underage drinking at a couple of parties; people drink shots; people are drunk at parties; a few comments about drinking; a pastor tells his daughter she is drunk.


Short skirts; cleavage; shirtless man; girl in bikini; kids in shorts; woman's bare shoulders; a man in a robe; a girl sneaks in a cell phone to camp.


Strong tension between a few characters; a man vomits; a girl lies to her father; a girl is willing to lie to cover up for her friend; when their daughter disobeys them, her parents say they are going to kill her, but, of course, they actually forgive her.

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