Animated Stories of the New Testament Series (24Tape)

Theatrical Release: December 9, 1996
DVD Release: December 9, 1996
Animated Stories of the New Testament Series (24Tape)


Where better to find potent, character-shaping principles than in the beloved stories of the New Testament? These videos draw straight from the well of Biblical wisdom to help parents soak impressionable young minds with the life-changing messages of love for others and service to God. You’ll be moved as you watch Jesus heal the blind, hear John the Baptist teach about Jesus, and witness Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus – each story coming alive through dazzling animation. Unforgettable and powerful, these videos help mold strong character and moral values even as they entertain captivated young audiences.

Dove Review

These stories from the New Testament are very powerful. They are presented in animated media, so the message is more aptly directed toward children. These videos show many well-known bible stories in a whole story format, and it is great for children to watch and learn the New Testament.

The Miracles of Jesus ,John the Baptist, Saul of Tarsus, The Ministry of Paul, The Prodigal Son, The Kingdom of Heaven, Forgive Us Our Debts, The Good Samaritan, Treasures in Heaven, The Righteous Judge, The King Is Born, He Is Risen, Jesus: The Son of God, Bread from Heaven, Built upon a Rock, The Greatest is the Least, The Lords Prayer, The Lost is found, Parables of Jesus, Worthy of the Lamb, The Messiah Comes, Lazaurs Lives, Lord I Believe, Signs of the Times. Indivial review can be found for each title.

Content Description


Company: NEST Family Ent.
Director: Richard Rich
Producer: Richard Rich
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 30 min.
Industry Rating: G
Reviewer: Review Board