The Karate Kid ll

Theatrical Release: June 20, 1986
DVD Release: February 1, 2005
The Karate Kid ll


This picks up where the first movie (Karate Kid) leaves off. Mr. Miyagi and Daniel take a trip to Okinawa to visit Mr Miyagi’s dying father. After arriving Mr Miyagi finds he still has feelings for an old love. This stirs up trouble with an old rival that he originally left Okinawa to avoid. In the meantime Daniel encounters a new love and also makes some enemies.

Dove Review

This film has a lot in it to like. The respect with which the people in Okinawa show to one another is nice to observe and the landscape and sets are in a word beautiful. This is a continuation of the first “Karate Kid” film and, in my opinion, works as well as the first one. Daniel LaRusso hit his peak at the end of the first film, so film two picks up with his front fender on his car having been smashed in, and his relationship with his girlfriend at an end. Mr. Myagi teaches him to focus and regain balance in his life. When Mr. Myagi learns his father is ill in Okinawa, Daniel joins him, only to learn that Miyagi has an old rival, now an enemy, awaiting him. And soon enough, Daniel has one of his own.

In the content area Mr. Miyagi teaches Kreese a lesson by moving out of the way of Kreese’s fists, which end up striking a car window, smashing the glass and resulting in pouring blood from the knuckles. There is a mention of a Shinto temple but religious ideas are not endorsed in the film. In fact, in one scene Myagi tells Daniel he will pray for him as Daniel is challenged by his nemesis to break some ice with his bare hands. There is mention of a church in the film. There is a semi-violent fight at the end when Daniel has to fight his enemy with martial arts in order to defend his new girlfriend. It is toned down compared to some films’ violence but there is some blood. Dove recommends this film for ages twelve and above and awards it five doves.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing
Language: G-1
Violence: Karate violence. Some blood.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Occult: Mention of Shinto temple.


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Producer: Jerry Weintraub
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 113 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter