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Harmony from the Heart

A music therapist and an established physician initially clash over the care of a shared patient. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, they might find that music and love make excellent remedies.

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**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

An uplifting movie that highlights trust and respect and the unwavering desire to do good despite all odds and showcases the power of music as a therapeutic tool.  Sweet and heartwarming, touching and emotional, as you witness the start of a beautiful romance between Violet and Blake and celebrate 50 years of marriage with Charles and May Anne.  An awesome movie night at home for the entire family, written by the star of the show, Jessica Lowndes, whose songbird voice will enchant you.  Unequivocally, Dove approved for all ages!

Violet (Jessica Lowndes) loves her studies as a music therapist but if she doesn’t soon conform to the rules, she will not be graduating!  Professor Melinda Carver (Colleen Winton) does offer an option – if she can help Professor Carver’s brother regain his speech through music therapy, her practical application of skills will be her ticket to graduation… and she has until Valentine’s Day to do so.  Arriving at the hospital to meet her new patient, Violet is confronted by Blake Williams (Jesse Metcalfe) the patient’s arrogant doctor, who immediately shows distain at Violet’s suggestion that music therapy is significant in Mr. Carver regaining his speech.  Not a good start…

Meeting the patient, Charles Carver (Michael St. John Smith) and his loving wife May Anne Carver (Susan Hogan) brings Violet right to the heart of a family torn by the devastating loss of Charles’ ability to speak.  As Violet navigates between trying to please May Anne and her grandsons, one of which is the disbelieving and sarcastic Dr. Blake Williams, she is stressed by the looming deadline of Valentine’s Day and must do everything she can to prove music therapy will work.

As Violet and Blake spend time together, he is seeing her in a different light… as a good person who truly believes in her abilities and Blake sheepishly admits his grandfather hasn’t been this happy in a year.

As Violet and Blake share personal stories, little sparks are flying, and a respect for each other is building.  But… only one day left until Valentine’s Day and Violet must make her promise come true.  Can she and Blake collaborate to make it happen?  But most importantly, can Violet take a giant leap of faith and reveal her growing feelings for Blake? And who is that beautiful blonde woman that just left the room with Blake?  As Violet struggles with her feelings, Professor Carver calls with life-changing news that will leave Violet in between elation and  deep emotional sadness.

The Dove Take

Accepting your loved one just as they are, could be difficult but not if you are lucky enough to find your true soulmate. Listen to your heart … its message will not disappoint.

Dove Rating Details


None evident, but characters portray a Christian lifestyle where goodness and integrity prevail;


May Anne is a devoted caregiving wife to her husband; May Anne raised her two orphaned grandsons whom she supports unconditionally;  Violet is devoted and committed to her patient despite opposition;  Blake is a dedicated doctor who admits to a change of opinion on the value of music therapy, thus enhancing his Grandpa’s treatment.


Cleavage showing in woman’s eveningwear, but not for exploitive purposes; gentle kisses and hugs






Wine with friends at dinner; drinks at a community mixer; no unruly behavior or abuse of alcohol.





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