Christmas By Chance

Christmas By Chance


Chance Hazelton (Winny Clarke) owns a struggling, “hard-to-find” gift shop called “Gifts by Chance.” As the Christmas shopping season approaches, Chance is hired by William Richards (Jacob Blair), a wealthy and popular entrepreneur to help him organize the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Leyla Brooks, and together Chance and William attempt to devise several plans to accomplish the mission.

Dove Review

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Poor Chance! As much as she loves her store full of unique treasures, she can’t compete with the online shopping craze, and she is going out of business. Becky (Celine Tsai) who works in the store, will have none of that! She creates new business cards, insists on introducing Chance on social media, and refuses to allow the store to close.

By “chance,” one of the new business cards gets caught up in the breeze, slowly drifts out of the store, into the sky, and then comes swirling down right in front of Ryan (Sharjil Rasool), wealthy William Richards’ assistant who drops his load of papers and, in his panic, accidentally picks up the card. When William is frantic to find a romantic way to propose to his girlfriend model Leyla, Ryan hands him Chance’s card.

William is delighted to hire Chance to help, but despite their attempts to set up the perfect proposal environment, each plan falls apart, and Leyla just doesn’t seem to be that eager for marriage.

As Chance and William spend more time together, they bring out the best in each other. William is in disbelief as Chance innocently and quietly helps him to discover who he really is and what he wants in life to be truly happy, and William is beginning to see a “real” person in Chance, a sharp contrast to Leyla with her impressive but embellished social media profile.

When one last attempt to set up the perfect proposal is a dismal failure, and William pours his heart out to Chance about finally discovering who he really is, Chance begins to see that there’s more to life than living in the past and both need to accept the unforeseen inevitable.

Faking who you really are may have its temporary benefits in big business but when you lose yourself completely, it takes very special circumstances to bring out the truth. This script is excellent and over-the-top romantic! The characters are well-cast and the acting is convincing and believable and you will love the charming lyrics in the theme music. High production value throughout.

The movie is Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

This is a story of the gentle reveal of true personality that leads to a beautiful trusting relationship based on love and respect, with a little lesson for us all. Dove approved for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: Christian Christmas theme throughout; main characters are kind and behave in a Christian-like manner; no direct mention of faith.
Integrity: Chance is kind-hearted, honest, and puts others before herself; little children donate their extra toys to those less fortunate; William is truly a good-hearted person who finally discovers who he is.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Wine at dinner, no abuse of alcohol
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Good Soldier Films
Director: Andrew Cymek
Genre: Romance
Starring: Winny Clarke, Celeste Desjardins, Jacob Blair, Celine Tsai, Sharjil Rasool
Reviewer: Carole H.