The Charm of Love

The Charm of Love


Maddie, an art historian, travels around the world to find the famous Lovers Stone but when she meets Fitz, her search may lead to more than the Stone.

Dove Review

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A sweet love story filmed in beautiful Broward County, Florida, with romantic tropical visuals and calypso-type music that sets the mood right off the top. Well cast with a variety of characters that will hold your interest as the search for the Lovers Stone intensifies.

Art historian Dr. Maddie Turner (Katrina Norman), an expert in ancient artifacts and in deflecting unwanted male attention, travels halfway around the world to the Caribbean Islands in search of the legendary “Lovers Stone” to please a rich benefactor of her beloved museum. Bryant Webber (Lawrence H. Collins), philanthropist, will finance the museum’s entire budget if Maddie can find the Lover’s Stone to help celebrate his 25 years of married bliss.

When she meets Andrew “Fitz” Fitzpatrick (Tilky Jones) an international hotelier with trust issues and an admirable local’s knowledge of the island, they do not hit it off very well, but when she needs a reliable guide, Fitz is the one. He does not believe in true love, and much less the Lovers Stone, because love is just a “chemical reaction in the brain,” but he agrees to help Maddie despite his personal feelings.

The hotel was built by Fitz’s parents, and is failing. It needs something to stimulate tourists and bring it back to life. As Maddie and Fitz work together to find the Lovers Stone, Fitz realizes finding it would bring in tourists and save his family’s legacy.

The audience is transported into a fantasy world as Maddie and Fitz search for the Lovers Stone that magically glows when true love prevails. Alina Alcantara, who plays Elodia and whose character is the glue that holds the story together, is magnificent in her role as Fitz’s confidante and gentle wise woman who recognizes true love when she sees it and has no issues with making that known!

Jones and Norman, the main stars, have good on-camera chemistry as they collaborate to find the Stone, although for very different reasons. Will Maddie soften her attitude and will her search find more than she could ever imagine? And will Fitz make the right decision in time to ensure his own happiness? Charming and entertaining for the entire family and Dove-approved for all ages.

The Dove Take:

The romantic theme, the adorable fairytale, and the myth of the Lovers Stone will have you wishing it were your own love story!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: Skimpy clothing in tropical weather but not provocative; gentle kissing and hugs.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Wine at dinner and with friends; champagne to celebrate; no abuse of alcohol.
Nudity: Woman wears shorts and a halter top and man’s torso visible in tropical weather.
Other: None


Company: Sunshine Films Florida
Director: Damian Romay
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.