Exit Wounds

Theatrical Release: March 16, 2001
Exit Wounds


What it’s about: Orin Boyd (Steven Seagal) is a renegade cop whose anger and illegal ways of enforcing the law (he saves the Vice President of the United States from terrorists) have him demoted to the worst precinct in the city. His new female boss (Jill Hennessy) sends him to an anger management class where he meets a local high-strung host of a TV talk show (Tom Arnold). Soon he comes across a cop-kickback deal involving local gangster Latrell Walker (DMX), his fast-talking sidekick, T.K. (Anthony Anderson), a cop named Montini (David Vadim) and his muscle-bound partner, Useldinger (Matthew G Taylor). Orin learns not all of the cops are bad when he gets a new partner officer George Clarke (Isaiah Washington) and fellow officer Strutt (Micahel Jai White) comes to his rescue. As he keeps digging, Orin soon uncovers a conspiracy of corruption within the force that soon leads to imminent danger and surprising revelations about his precinct. While investigating a rich gangster and dealing with the cops in his new precinct, a renegade Detroit detective discovers that things aren’t always what they seem. Bill Duke plays the chief.

Dove Review

THE GOOD:…If you like Steven Seagal movies, you’ll like this one because he’s back to his old fighting form. His character is still cool but he tackles more dialogue in this one and there are several funny moments between he and Arnold. DMX is very good and I enjoyed the intelligent plots twists centered on him. THE NOT-SO-GOOD:…If you’re not into macho-male-martial-arts-fighting movies where most of the women’s roles are partially nude and sexually pleasing the men, then this movie isn’t for you. I found it blatantly funny that the police chief wears the same style of low-cut dress in every scene, just different colors. No officers ever stare or look at her cleavage (that’s real life?) Since when are they issuing low-cut uniforms for police chiefs? Only in a Seagal movie.

Content Description

Offensive language: At least 30 F-words, lots of profanity and crude dialogue, a few religious profanities and some racial slurs by blacks about blacks in background music. Sexual situations: In a dance club we see topless women in thongs dancing together and sponging paint on each other's chests, a man asks a woman to rub her painted breasts against a glass window. In another bar scene, we briefly see a topless woman riding a mechanical bull, Arnold enjoys the company of some bare-breasted women who sit on his lap in a nightclub. During the end credits, two men talk on a TV talk show graphically discussing masturbation and making references to having intercourse with large women. Violence: If I listed all of the violent scenes it would take half the page. This is a Seagal, martial-arts-fight or shoot-the-bad-guys in almost every scene of the movie. There’s a high body count with some bloody bodies, several explosions, a man is hit by a speeding truck (we see the impact), a man climbing a helicopter ladder falls onto a pipe (we see the bloody pipe sticking out of his chest.)


Company: Warner Brothers
Writer: Ed Horowitz
Producer: Dan Cracchiolo
Genre: Action
Runtime: 117 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Holly McClure