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Dorothy and Toto’s Storytime: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Part 3

It’s storytime! Take a ride with Dorothy and her best pal, Toto, as they share their favorite adventures in the magical land of Oz. Enter a legendary world in this storybook rendition of L. Frank Baum’s beloved classic tale in “Dorothy and Toto’s Storytime: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Part 3.”

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The third and concluding part of the Oz animated saga leads to the climax of a showdown between Dorothy and her friends against the Wicked Witch of the West. Featuring Chapters 13-24, this amazing series features good vs. evil, and some incredible characters.

In Chapter 13, “The Rescue,” the Winkies are glad they are now free from the clutches of the Evil Witch, as she had treated them cruelly. They take a holiday and feast and dance. Dorothy’s desire is to rescue the Scarecrow and the Tinman.

In Chapter 14, titled, “The Winged Monkeys,” the Queen Field Mouse tells Dorothy how to use the charmed golden cap to summon the winged monkeys for their help. The monkeys show up to help and we learn of their interesting history.

In Chapter 15, titled, “The Discovery of Oz the Terrible,” the four wait to see Oz and learn that he is not an enormous head, a lovely lady, a terrible beast, or a ball of fire, but simply a little man “making believe!” Oz shares his secrets of how he concocted each character that appeared to them. As with the previous installments in this series, the animation is stills that are shown along with narration and music.

Chapter 16, titled, “The Magic Art of the Great Humbug,” the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion are granted their desires, but can Oz possibly get Dorothy back to Kansas and to her beloved Aunt Em?

In Chapter 17, titled, “How the Balloon was Launched,” Oz plans to take Dorothy home in an air balloon. But when Toto chases a cat into the crowd just before their departure, Dorothy races after him and the ropes holding the great air balloon break, and Oz rises to the sky . . . without Dorothy!

In Chapter 18, titled, “Away to the South,” the winged monkeys cannot take Dorothy out of Oz – they are bound to stay in the great land. But Glinda can help her. Will Dorothy be able to locate her?

In Chapter 19, titled, “Attacked by the Fighting Trees,” a tree gets rough with Scarecrow, but the Tinman is there to fight back and rescue him. And, in Chapter 20, titled, “The Dainty China Country”, the travelers find houses and characters made of china in a strange land. A china cow breaks its legs. The Lion rescues his friends and gets them out by getting them over a china wall, and then leaping to freedom himself.

In Chapter 21, titled, “The Lion Becomes the King of Beasts,” a tiger welcomes the Lion, calling him the King of the Beasts, and the Lion defeats a great spider, and becomes the King of the Forest.

In Chapter 22, titled, “The Country of the Quadlings,” the group finds themselves in trouble, but the winged monkeys are summoned to help. And the evil hammerheads can’t reach the winged monkeys.

In Chapter 23, titled, “Glinda the Good Witch Grants Dorothy’s Wish,” Glinda reveals to Dorothy the secret to get home again. The Scarecrow will rule Oz, the Tinman will rule the Winkies, and the Lion is now the King of the Forest. It looks like a happy ending for all when Dorothy learns that tapping her heels together three times, with the silver shoes, will lead her home to Aunt Em.

In Chapter 24, titled, “Home Again,” Dorothy is finally in Kansas again, and home. And Toto too!

The film does a terrific and remarkable job in showing that obstacles can be overcome with perseverance and the help of good friends. And it also shows that the unlikeliest characters can be helpful. It gives the viewer plenty to think about, and that’s not to judge a character or person too quickly, and that faith and determination can go a long way in helping one realize one’s goals and dreams.

This film has earned our Dove Seal for All Ages, due to its wholesome storytelling.

The Dove Take:

This third entry in the “Oz” series is a triumph, with a wholesome story and the theme of overcoming with perseverance and with the help of friends.

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Characters look out for each other, and a family allows the travelers to spend the night with them.






Events such as fighting trees and a giant spider being defeated are mentioned but not seen on screen.






Tension between the witch and the travelers.

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