The Jacket

Theatrical Release: March 4, 2005
The Jacket


In this sci-fi thriller, wounded Gulf War veteran Jack Starks (Adrien Brody) returns to Vermont suffering from amnesia and has no apparent family ties. His brief, chance encounter with a single mother leads to a strange bonding between Starks and her little girl, Jackie. But Starks is falsely accused of shooting a police officer and declared criminally insane because of his amnesia. In the mental institution, Dr. Becker (Kris Kristofferson) injects the gentle, young man with experimental drugs, constrains him in a straight jacket and places him in a morgue drawer for several hours at a time. Starks finds himself under this horrific treatment 15 years into the future in 2007. Jackie (Keira Knightley), now grown, crosses his path again. His mission becomes to find Jackie in the present time to save her from the dark future he has seen in his trance like state.

Dove Review

The movie jumps freely between the past, present, and future as Jack (Brody) learns the secret of the straight jacket he is placed into by a sadistic Doctor (Kristofferson). The Jacket along with an unidentified Drug allows him to jump into the future where he learns when (but not how) he will die. Along the way, he helps others and even saves the life of Jackie’s mother. This film asks more questions than it answers and ends with Starks dying in the present and living in the future. While the film does keep you interested, it takes quantum leaps through time travel that confuses the audience. These elements plus the nudity and language keep Dove from approving this film.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Man shot in the head, Patient placed into a morgue drawer in a straight jacket.
Sex: Intercourse between non-married couple.
Language: 7 f-words; 7 s-words; 3 GDs
Violence: Man shot in the head, Patient placed into a morgue drawer in a straight jacket.
Drugs: Experimental mind altering drugs, cigarette smoking
Nudity: Brief glimpse of a woman's breast.
Other: none.


Company: Warner Brothers
Director: John Maybury
Genre: Suspense
Runtime: 102 min.
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe