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Approved for All Ages

Christmas Beneath the Stars

Photographer and revered holiday blogger, Hannah Reed, is assigned to do a review in Alaska at Christmas World - a rather run-down tourist destination, for an anonymous client. When the owner's son, Ben, determines to revitalize the place back to its former glory, Hannah jumps in to help, sparking a new romance

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Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

This charming movie is based on the novel, “Christmas Beneath the Stars” written by Melissa Hill, an international No. 1 bestselling author whose books have been translated into 25 languages and are sought after by US movie-producing networks like Hallmark and Netflix. You can be sure your entire family will enjoy the story without worrying about what’s coming next in the script.  Unequivocally, Dove-approved for All Ages!

Nature photographer, Hannah Reed (Maddy Foley) is happy to be with her Aunt Lucy (Jane Lewis) in Sacramento for Christmas, but her agent has plans. He is sending her to Alaska, incognito, to review the holiday destination, “Christmas World” for an anonymous client.  Aunt Lucy jumps at the chance to go with her! 

They are both visibly disappointed when the “charming tourist destination” hotel is shabby and run-down.  The front desk elf is excited to welcome Ben Locke (Steve Belford) the owner’s son, who is back from serving overseas to surprise his dad, Warren (Bill Lake) and is just as shocked to see the disrepair. 

Sadly, Warren knows there is no nice way to tell his son that the competition and new marketing are making it impossible to realize a profit from running their long-time family business that was so special to his mother.  The offer from a big consortium, Ashtor Resorts, is for a mere half the value of the land, but Warren can’t see another way out. Ben struggles to convince his dad this was their dream and giving up is not an option and wants to bring the place back to its former glory.  He promises he will figure it out.

As Ben and Hannah get to know each other, tiny sparks are forming, and Hannah offers to help with her marketing abilities and Lucy’s Christmas decorating championship skills.  But things start to fall apart when a trusted employee has a hidden agenda and Ben finds out Hannah is there just to write a review on Christmas World that will likely not be favorable. Can Hannah and Ben get through this very rough spot in their budding relationship, save the family dream, and take care of their hearts in the process?

The Dove Take

Determination and passion are two requirements to get the job done and there is no sacrifice too big when the result is preservation of a family legacy and ultimately, happiness of the heart.

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None displayed, but Christmas-themed throughout.


Hannah is strong in her morals and principles, and to helping Ben save the family dream; Aunt Lucy is a trusted and loving mentor to Hannah; the townspeople all support each other for the good of the community; Ben is committed to saving the family legacy in memory of his mother.


Gentle kisses and hugs.


"Stupid saps."


Man deliberately bumps into another in anger but no further rough behavior.







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