This Christmas

Theatrical Release: November 21, 2007
This Christmas


This year, Christmas with the Whitfield’s promises to be one they will never forget. All the siblings have come home for the first time in years and they’ve brought plenty of baggage with them. As the Christmas tree is trimmed and the lights are hung, secrets are revealed and family bonds are tested. As their lives converge, they join together and help each other discover the true meaning of family.

An All-Star cast consisting of Idris Elba, Loretta Devine, Delroy Lindo, Mekhi Phifer, Regina King, Columbus Short and Chris Brown lead this family dramedy full of surprises!

Dove Review

This engaging story contains several elements and situations that are probably representative of many families at Christmas time. Being able to get away from your day to day life and be part of a large family gathering sometimes is difficult, but the Whitfield’s finally mange to get all together for the first time in four years. Each member has some personal surprises that will truly make this a memorable Christmas. Everyone seems to have some good news and bad but the family pulls together to share their experiences and ultimately try to mend the troubles.

This film can be encouraging to families and has music that will have you tapping your toes. Unfortunately it contains some lifestyle issues and language that prevent us from awarding it our Dove Seal..

Content Description

Sex: Unmarried Couple live together; unmarried couples sleeping together in mother's house; man having an affair; discussion regarding sexual relationship; sexual remarks.
Language: D-12; S-6; B/SOB-2; J-1; H-4; G/OMG-8
Violence: Bar fight; loan sharks chasing after man; man hits another man and pulls gun on him; two women fight; woman beats man with belt.
Drugs: The consumption of alcohol; smoking of cigarettes.
Nudity: Women in bra and panties; shirtless man; women in low cut dresses; woman bra-less under dress.
Other: Man is AWOL from a military service.


Company: Sony/Screen Gems
Producer: William Packer
Genre: Christmas
Runtime: 117 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe