The Long Gray Line

DVD Release: May 1, 2008
The Long Gray Line


Based on the true story of Marty Maher, a humble Irish immigrant who rose through the ranks to become one of West Point’s most beloved instructors, THE LONG GRAY LINE is a rousing tribute to a remarkable man and his way of life. Director John Ford and star Tyrone Power, themselves the sons of Irish immigrants, bring an extra dimension of fidelity and fervor to this inspiring biography. Newly arrived in America, Maher’s first job was as a waiter at West Point. Clumsy and boisterous, he quickly broke so much of the military academy’s china that he was forced to join the army to repay his debts.But once enlisted, the rough-and-ready Dubliner served his adopted nation with rare dedication, establishing himself as an inspirational coach at West Point. Spanning 50 years and two world wars, the film shows Maher at his best, molding and motivating the young men who would become America’s heroes and presidents. Filmed on location with a stellar supporting cast (including Ford favorites Maureen O’Hara, Ward Bond and Harry Carey, Jr.), THE LONG GRAY LINE is a stirring reminder of Marty Maher’s proud place in history.

Dove Review

“The Long Gray Line” tells of life in the US Military. This movie was about how strong education along with the rigorous training made West Point the school it is today. The viewer sees the lives of students as they bond and grow. This was a great movie with wonderful characters, acting and sets. This movie was educational and informative to watch. Although the very young might not enjoy it, Dove is happy to award the Dove “Family-Approved Seal to “The Long Gray Line “.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Soldiers holding guns. In two different scenes a man gets punched.
Sex: Kissing.
Language: None
Violence: Soldiers holding guns. In two different scenes a man gets punched.
Drugs: Smoking and drinking.
Nudity: None
Other: Small amount of gambling.


Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Director: John Ford
Producer: Robert Arthur
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 137 min.
Starring: Tyrone Power, Maureen O'Hara, Robert Francis, Ward Bond, Donald Crisp
Reviewer: Stacey Langstraat