Year One

Theatrical Release: June 19, 2009
Year One


When a couple of lazy hunter-gatherers (Jack Black and Michael Cera) are banished from their primitive village, they set off on an epic journey through the ancient world in Columbia Pictures’ comedy “Year One.” Harold Ramis directs. The screenplay is by Harold Ramis and Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (The Office) from a story by Harold Ramis. The film is produced by Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow, and Clayton Townsend.

Dove Review

Okay. Where do I start? Do I mention the character who tells his friend he committed incest with his mother? Or the scene in which a character eats poop? Or the scene in which a virgin man has sex with his virgin girlfriend, and tells everyone, “I just had sex with my girlfriend”, or the biblical stories which are altered for humor, including Cain murdering his brother Abel which is done in camp style for laughs? In other words, although there were maybe two or three clean humorous moments in the movie, for the most part a lot of people would be offended by watching this film. After it was over I said to someone, “I want two hours of my life back!” Actually, the movie is an hour and a half long. That may be the best thing I can say about it. The torture time of enduring this insipid movie is under two hours.

It goes without saying that this movie is not awarded the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. Don’t bother with this one as you will not be intellectually challenged at all. However, “Imagine That” is still showing and is a wonderful family movie.

We suggest you give “Imagine That” a view.

Content Description

Sex: Many sexual comments, some graphic, innuendos, a male character fondles a woman; a gay man desires his male slave; a virgin man has sex with a virgin woman and then tells everybody, "I just had sex with my girlfriend"; passionate kissing; man makes sexual gyration, comments by male characters desiring to "lay with" females; a man states he had sex with his mother, girls stroke spears suggestively, a woman states plainly she likes girls; a woman eats a banana seductively, suggesting oral sex; a man pulls a penis off a male statue; etc.
Language: S-8; F-1; "Da*n you"-1; D-1; A-5; H-1; B-3; G/OMG-2; At least 8 or more "penis" or slang comments referring to male genitalia; Slang for erection-1; Slang for breasts-1; Poop-1; Sucker-1; S*ck-1; Wh*res-1; Wh*re house-1; Slang for testicles-2; Numb skull-1; Several "sodomy" and "orgy" comments in addition to the mention of casting "virgins" into the fire as sacrifices.
Violence: Man is speared in back; a character strikes his brother with a stone several times until he kills him; some blood; male and female hit each other in head with stick; several fights; a decapitation is briefly on screen without being graphic or gratuitous; some characters are struck; a man is hit with a shield; virgins are cast into the fire; a man is spit on; a man is whipped; a man is stoned a few times but survives the rocks.
Drugs:The drinking of wine and references to smoking herbs.
Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless men; scantily clad women.
Other: Man bends to defecate; biblical stories of eating the forbidden fruit and and Abraham and Isaac and Cain and Abel are changed around to draw humor; man finds what he thinks might be bear poop and he eats it; a father tells his son he wishes he were dead; a comment questioning whether or not God is male; questions about the existence of God and whether there is one God or gods; the subject of circumcision and the word "foreskin" is used a lot; the middle finger is given.


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Writer: Harold Ramis and Gene Stupnitsky
Director: Harold Ramis
Producer: Judd Apatow
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter