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Saint Patrick’s Big Dance

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and all the inhabitants of Sunnyville are celebrating. Besties Beezbee the bee, Peanut the giraffe, and Brooklyn the lion are looking for the best St. Patrick’s Day party in town.

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This winsome trio, who have appeared in other adventures together, are trying to find out the location of the Saint Patrick’s Day party. But no one seems to know where it will take place. It took place at Santa’s last year, but not this year. When Santa shows up before a big dance, he likes the St. Patrick’s Day green hats that the various characters are wearing, and says they are the “bees knees!” One of the songs features the lines, “Hi diddle de, hi diddle do,” and it’s unquestionably a fun song. They dance to “The Ask Around” song, and that’s the idea – they need to ask around to learn where the St. Patrick’s Day party will happen.

Other fun lyrics are sung, including these: “I’m a cat, I go meow, meow, meow . . . I’m a crocodile . . . I might decide to go snap! I’m a dog, I go woof, woof, woof” and other animals are included including the pig that goes “oink,” the cow that says “moo,” and the horse that goes “neigh!”

There are lessons featured in many of the songs including one about cleaning your room, and this includes picking up your toys. And “clean up some more so we can see the floor!”

One of the best things about this short movie is that it gives the history of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s said that Saint Patrick was born in the year 385 in a town somewhere in Roman Britain. When he was sixteen, he was brought to Ireland, where he spent six years tending sheep before he became a priest. He was responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. In 432 A.D. he used a shamrock to teach people about the Holy Trinity. Now St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17 to honor this event.

Fritz the monkey who sells ice cream (32,487 flavors!) is featured, and we learn that Lolly the dragon plans to fly food to the party once the location is discovered. The viewer soon learns what happened to all the invitations – Lolly sneezed and blew fire which burned up the invitations! Once they were out of sight, she forgot about them!  Peanut suggests that Lolly does the memory dance with them and so she does. And to celebrate, one of the many dances is the Party Down dance. We also learn that Lolly once accidentally burned up Santa’s sleigh!

This film features practical and important themes, such as enjoying the beauty of life (or as one of the characters phrases it, “to grab life by the shamrocks!”) The worldview of the importance of Christianity and the Holy Trinity is an integral part of this movie. It would be a nice discussion point to talk with kids about God and the trinity.

Think About It: The importance of the people in one’s life is explored and is demonstrated in part by a birthday dance. And it’s said that every day is a party when you’re surrounded by your family and your friends. A little romance is included, as one song features the line, “Life is beautiful, when I feel your hand in mine.”

This movie has procured our Dove seal for All Ages due to its wholesome presentation and its mention of God and the Holy Trinity.

THE DOVE TAKE: Combining history, important life lessons, along with fun songs and dances, this wholesome movie is one the entire family can enjoy watching together.

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The history of Christianity landing in Ireland, and the importance of God and the trinity is featured; St. Patrick’s Day is explained and celebrated to honor God and the Holy Trinity.


Characters care about another character and help jog her memory about an important situation; the beauty of life and the importance of family is stated and is featured in a song; characters with birthdays are honored.


A line in a song is about life being beautiful when “I feel your hand in mine.”










None, a positive thing is about kids being taught to clean up their rooms and to pick up their toys.

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