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Dog Days

Dog Days follows a group of interconnected people in Los Angeles who are brought together by their lovable canine counterparts.
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Dove Review

Dog Days is sure to hit home with dog lovers everywhere! Dog lovers know that you have the lovable and cute dogs, the loud ones, the dogs that hit it off with other dogs… and they certainly become a part of the family. Sadly, their loss is keenly felt once they pass. All of these things are a part of this romantic comedy which makes a valid point: there really is someone for everyone. In this case, Elizabeth (Nina Dobrev) is single, having moved on from a relationship with her cheating ex-boyfriend. She meets a guest on her talk show, Jimmy (Tone Bell), an athlete; at first there are sparks but not good ones. They rub each other the wrong way and spar on live TV! However, the TV audience loves their chemistry and the station hires Jimmy to be Elizabeth’s guest host. When they see each other at a park outside of work and Elizabeth’s dog Sam hits it off with Jimmy’s dog Brandy, it is a sign that these two humans might be meant to be together too.

There are several storylines in the film, including a plot about a couple named Grace (Eva Longoria) and Curt, who have a hard time connecting with their newly adopted daughter Amelia until she finds a dog without an owner in the park. She falls for the dog, and this new companion helps break the ice with her new mom and dad. Other storylines include a man named Garrett (Ron Bass) who runs a shelter for dogs and falls for a girl named Tara (Vanessa Hudgens). A handsome doctor (Michael Cassidy) has his eyes on Tara, but is it possible that the likable and big-hearted Garrett is a better match for her? A widower named Walter loses his dog and a young pizza delivery teenager named Tyler helps him search for the dog. In their quest, they become good friends—something the lonely Walter was lacking.

The Dove Take

The film has some really funny moments, although a few of the jokes fall flat. Parents should note the content listing which includes a comment about a non-main character living with her boyfriend, as well as the use of mild language. There is also a joke about a marijuana brownie. There is a lot to like with the positive influence of dogs in one’s life becoming, as they often do, members of one’s family. And the film does a good job in addressing the void that loneliness causes and it shows how much other people are needed in our lives. We are awarding this film our Dove-Approved 12+ Seal.

Dove Rating Details


A man loses his dog (the dog is put down) and another man sings, "Amazing grace" to cheer him up.


A woman smacks a girl's hand; a woman thinks a guy is a creeper and sprays him with pepper spray, accidentally spraying herself, too.


A few scenes of kissing couples; a girl kisses a man but admits she is already living with someone else—her boyfriend; a song about being too sexy for my shirt


G/OMG-11; a comment of "I swear to God"; H-1; Crap-1; A**hole-2; Geez-2; Shitzu (meant to sound like the S-word)-4; Scr*w it!-1


A woman smacks a girl's hand; a woman thinks a guy is a creeper and sprays him with pepper spray, accidentally spraying herself, too.


A joke about marijuana brownies and how a dog reacted after eating one; a scene or two of people having drinks; a joke about getting drunk and having schnapps; beer and liquor jokes.


Cleavage; shirtless man; adults and kids in shorts on beach


Tension between characters; a teen thinks an older man is rude and says this is why kids don't like older people; a baby diaper is seen with feces on it; dog flatulence; the death of a dog and sadness

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