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In the Meantime

Jazmin "Jazz" Welles is a confident, educated woman who thought her path in life was all laid out in front of her. But when she loses her job, and her long-time aspiring artist fiancé decides they need to take a six-month break from each other before getting married, Jazz loses direction and must get back on track to move forward.

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Jazz (Kali Hawk) is miserable. Nothing is going right, even on her birthday — the very day she is fired! Her fiancé, Blac (Musiq Soulchild), is an unconventional, temperamental, full-of-himself artist who announces he is off on a mountain retreat for six months. When Blac leaves, Jazz is forced to move in with her sister’s family and throws herself into endless activities in an attempt to find herself.

When Jazz’s sister forces her to volunteer teaching an adult literacy class at the community center, she comes face to face with fellow volunteer, Kwame (Darrin Dewitt Henson), a handsome attorney, whose boss has assigned him to pro bono community work in a set-up for a big business deal. The two reluctant volunteers immediately realize they can’t stand each other, but they are committed for five months so need to make it work.

Sister Faye Johnson (Elizabeth Omilami), owner of the community center building, her family legacy, is being pressured to sell to the big Stollar Corporation and she is adamant that will not happen. Kwame is instructed by his boss to continue working at the community center to pave the way for the Stollar corporation to buy the property. But as Kwame realizes the value of the center and the good its programs do for underprivileged and marginalized people, he has second thoughts about his role in the scheming behind the pro bono assignment despite that it may lead to partner in the firm.

As Jazz and Kwame help each student achieve personal success, they, too, are inspired and pulled together in a blossoming friendship that brings unforeseen uplifting life changes for both and preserves the Johnson family legacy!

The Dove Take:

This beautiful inspirational family movie is pure evidence that believing in oneself for all the right reasons will lead to success and happiness, and is based on Nzinga Kadalie Kemp’s award-winning screenplay first exhibited as part of the UP Faith & Family Competition at the American Black Film Festival in 2012.

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Illiterate classmate learns to read the Holy Bible; everyone attends the preaching of the gospel by the resident Pastor about the value of love, truth, and commitment to each other; Pastor prays over a sick woman and asks for God’s help in the name of Jesus; Pastor is devoted and works within God’s guidance and directs others to do the same


Woman shoves man in annoyance, but no further action.




Jerk x1; liar x1; damn x1.


Woman shoves man in annoyance, but no further action.


Champagne served at gallery event, no abuse of alcohol.


Women in midriff-revealing ethnic dance costumes, not for sexual purposes.


Friendly bickering among an unruly group of adults at the community center adult literacy class. Mother and daughter part ways after arguing; woman goes into labor; annoyed woman says, “She’s just got her panties in a bunch.”

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