Color of the Cross 2: Resurrection

DVD Release: December 1, 2008
Color of the Cross 2: Resurrection


From director Jean Claude LaMarre (Color of the Cross) comes another epic film about the ministry of Jesus Christ. This daring film portrays the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his ministry after his death. After the crucifixion of Jesus the disciples go into hiding believing their lives are in danger. They have lost all hope that Jesus would come back to them as He had prophesied.

This film was created with the same enthusiasm and astonishing interpretations as Color of the Cross The Resurrection brings a new perspective of the resurrection and ascension of Christ

Dove Review

This particular DVD has some good moments, but it also strays a bit from scripture in its interpretation of events. For example. there is an add lib when Jesus has been praying in the garden and the disciples cannot keep awake. He says to Peter, “Don’t you think I’m tired?” Also, and it must have been for dramatic purposes, Jesus is shown being crucified (fairly graphically) all by himself on a hill, without the two thieves on either side and without a crowd. There is an imagined conversation between the Sanhedrin and Joseph of Arimathea. In one other example, while he is struggling with the Father’s will in the garden, he begins to beat the ground with his fists.

The film includes black actors as Jesus and his disciples although Judas Iscariot and Andrew are both played by white actors. Including the blood on Christ on the cross, another violent scene involves Judas hanging himself but the worst of it is seen in shadows from a distance and we recognize very briefly a man is hanging. One scene shows his feet above the ground. We are able to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this film for ages twelve and above. Again, we include the reminder that a few things have been done which differ from scripture, including Jesus filling the disciples’ baskets with fish after his resurrection, rather than their boat being filled with the fish. And he appears to Thomas in the film out of doors, although in the scriptures it says he appeared to him indoors. The production value is well done and the scenes of Christ on the cross will hopefully cause people to remember this event.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Jesus is seen with a lot of blood on his body on the cross; a man in the shadows hangs himself.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Jesus is seen with a lot of blood on his body on the cross; a man in the shadows hangs himself.
Drugs: The drinking of wine.
Nudity: Jesus on the cross has a loin cloth.
Other: A few scriptures are re-interpreted.


Company: Lightyear Entertainment
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 85 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter