2014 Crystal Dove Seal Winners – And the Trophy Goes To…

Crystal Dove Seal. smallThere’s a saying, “if you repeat something often enough people will believe it, whether it’s true or not.” When I meet with studio executives and filmmakers, I keep repeating the same mantra, “Dove approved films are the most popular and therefore the most profitable.” Not because it isn’t true, but because there are those in Hollywood who believe the so-called faith and family audience is a small niche. I’m not sure how they arrive at that view. According to several recent surveys, 70 million American families would choose more entertainment options that reflect their values IF they were available.

So, I shall say once again, “Dear Producer/Director/Investor…Dove Approved films are nearly 3 times as profitable as those that were not eligible for the Dove Seal.” Check out the results in the Dove Film Profitability Study.

The Dove Foundation just completed an online public poll to determine the most popular Dove approved movies of 2014 in seven categories; Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Animated, Documentary, and Musical. The votes are in and the results have been tabulated.

Each of the following films won in their respective categories. Care was taken to eliminate ballot stuffing and duplicate votes.

Best ActionLeft Behind – 2014 (Freestyle/eOne Entertainment)
Best AdventureMaleficent (Disney)
Best AnimatedBig Hero 6 (Disney)
Best ComedyMoms’ Night Out (Tri-Star/Affirm Films)
Best MusicalAnnie – 2014 (Sony)
Best Documentary (Tie)
     God the Father (Rocky Mountain)
     America: The Movie (Lionsgate)
Best DramaGod’s Not Dead (Freestyle/PureFlix)
     (Honorable Mention) – The Song (Samuel Goldwyn/Affirm Films)

These movies collectively made over $650 million at the US box office last year. Not bad results for family friendly movies, several of which were mocked by the critics.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the thousands of you who voted online. Congratulations to the nominees, and especially the winners who are now authorized to use the CRYSTAL DOVE SEAL in recognition of their achievement as the Best of the Best Dove Approved Movies of 2014.

Be sure and watch these films. By doing so, you are sending a message that you want more of the same.